Revealing my 5-Step Alchemy Process

You want to attract more of your IDEAL customers, right?  

Maybe you want to increase your credibility and visibility of your brand?

Perhaps you’re fed up of having a ‘hidden business’ and hustling for sales?

If you relate to any of these three questions, then this article is for you because I’m going to explain the exact 5-step process that my clients are using to attract their ideal customers and clients on autopilot, increase their presence online and step out of the shadows and into the limelight of sales.

For well over 20 years now, I’ve been perfecting this method of business change and transformation for the clients I work with and my own businesses, resulting in some amazing outcomes for all those involved.

From clients doubling their sales in just 8 weeks and attracting opportunities to work with celebrities, to winning awards and taking hidden businesses out of the shadows so that they attract customers within 15 minutes of this process going live.   One person even increased their income by 1,000% after implementing these steps and…yes, that was me!

Now these results aren’t typical, but they are entirely possible and today I’m going to walk you through all 5 of them.

#1 Become a Business ‘Chiropractor’

So, what do I mean by that?  Well, I’m talking about alignment.   

Because, having a business that isn’t working properly is like having a bad back?  

Now, if you’ve ever had a bad back you know that If it goes out of alignment it’s going to cause a lot of pain. It’s going to slow you right down and sometimes it will even knock you completely off your feet.  It’s frustrating, painful and it will have you in tears.

The same applies to your business if it’s out of alignment.  Problems are going to show up, sales will slow right down, and your important messages won’t get through to new and existing customers.

But, just like if you go to a chiropractor (or someone who is an expert in back problems) one of the first things that they’ll do is feel your spine to feel where it’s out of alignment, and then they can then go to work on helping you to re-align and move forwards again with ease.

So, the good news for your business, is that when you have someone identify where those gaps, blocks or mis-aligned pieces are in your business, then everything starts to flow and work together again – maximising every bit of time, activity and investment that you make … it also makes your life a lot easier, allowing your business function at an optimum level.

But this is the TRUTH: you must become aligned in all THREE key areas.  

Your Marketing. Your Messaging.  And your MINDSET.

Now, if just one, or two of these areas are out of alignment slightly, it will impact YOUR ENTIRE business and income stream.

So, let me give you an example of what this looks like:

If you have a sales funnel, but your messaging is off (because you don’t know what motivates your customers to buy from you), then your business is out of alignment.

If you know who your IDEAL customers are, but you don’t know how to attract them on autopilot (having people come to you automatically 24/7) rather than you constantly chasing around to find new customers –  guess what, yes that’s right, you’re out of business alignment.

If you have all the marketing in the world and an incredible business structure, products or services - but you’ve got a case of ‘stinky thinking’ and your mindset is out of whack – then, guess what?  Yes, you’re out of business alignment.

So, can you see how making sure that your business is in flow and alignment in these three key areas is so critical for your business success?  

#2 Dancing to Your Own Business Rhythm

Uncertainty and Indecision leads us all to second-guessing ourselves, and when this happens, especially in business, it can take us completely off track and in a totally different direction than we intended.  

We start to conform.  

We start to fit in.  

Because it’s the safe thing to do.  

Then what happens?  We let other people start running our businesses on our behalf.  And, that’s what I call ‘abdication marketing’ (that’s when you’re not entirely sure what you should be doing – but you KNOW you need more customers.  So, you hand over parts of your business to complete strangers trusting that they’ll know more about your business than you do).

Then you panic again and buy loads of eBooks and digital courses to see if you can fix your business problem yourself - everything from social media stuff, to Facebook advertising training, to SEO, to funnel building … to the next best shiny thing.     You end up more confused, with little clarity and no direction in your business.

Now, this isn’t based on a strategy, it’s based on your fear; it’s based on that lack of direction and clarity…and it can be very costly.  Your COSTS GO UP and your SALES GO DOWN.

You’ll start to resent your business …even hate it.

So how can you dance to your own tune in business?

It’s about knowing and understanding your Business Personality (that’s not you, it’s your Brand Personality).  

When you understand that – You will know what to accept and what to repel.

The other thing this does is it enables you to start attracting your IDEAL customers and new opportunities like a magnet.   You become totally aligned in your business with the products and services you’re offering. AND this also offers you clarity and direction on an entire range of different things from business decisions, products and services you offer, to future growth plans.

So, my question to you is, are you dancing to your own tune, or someone else’s?

#3 – Secret Weapon of Business Alchemy

So, this next step really is the secret weapon of business alchemy.

The truth is that things changed dramatically in marketing about 15-20 years ago.  And the reason was the introduction of the Internet and eCommerce.

You see, we instantly went from one or two channels for customers to buy things, to a multi-channel, multi-dimensional society, where customers started taking the lead on what, where and who to buy from.  The tables were turned forever.

Now, things are changing again, right now and in 2018 with the introduction of the online privacy laws, data protection changes and social media intrusion being highlighted, advertising and targeting is changing again and quite dramatically.   All of this will impact the way that you market and reach your customers from now on …. especially if you want to attract your IDEAL customers.

But you do have a choice:  you can either rely on those outdated and old-fashioned methods of market research, such as demographic information (age, location, job, income, education etc.) which is basically cold, its dead and it bears little relevance to today’s savvy customers AND it certainly won’t help you very much in today’s online culture.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re using this type of data today, you will see your sales declining, you’ll be hustling harder to get new customers, and it will be very confusing about where to find them and market to them … and that’s exhausting.  You’ll also be wasting a load of money and your time with little results to show for it. This will deeply impact your business.

Or, you can use a powerful technique called Persona Marketing™   It’s the WHO, The WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY? of Market Research and it will give you a deep understanding of your customer’s buying behaviour and motivations.  It is the newest and most powerful way to connect with your IDEAL customers, establish your authority in your market and substantially grow your business……And, believe me, it’s the foundation and driver of EVERYTHING you will do in your business in terms of marketing – it brings with it so much clarity and direction.  

It’s a study and observation of their personalities, their values, their opinions, their interests, their lifestyle and their attitudes.

More importantly, it allows you to step into the psyche of your IDEAL customers. It’s multi-channel and multi-dimensional – designed for today’s markets and customers.

The good news is that it’s more INTUITIVE and observational.  It’s simple (not easy) and it doesn’t involve any data hacking or invasion of privacy.   

The truth is there will always be a way to advertise and reach your customers.  But (1) if you don’t know WHO they are; (2) the EASIEST place to advertise to them and (3) their complex MOTIVATIONS for buying your product or service - then how on earth are you going to know WHERE to put your money for the greatest return on investment?

It’s like putting all your money on RED when your customers are all on BLACK. And that’s a costly gamble you really shouldn’t take.

#4 Creating a Business by Design

Female entrepreneurs are very different to male entrepreneurs – in more ways than one!  

And, because there has never been a better time in our history, for women to step into entrepreneurship, we now have so many opportunities that our mothers, grandmothers and all our female ancestry never would have dreamed possible.  However, we need the RIGHT business model that is totally aligned with the Lifestyle choices of female entrepreneurs TODAY.

And yet, because business of the past was a male-dominated, we’re still using the business models and structures that suited them and their style of traditional working. And that is very different to what we need today AND as female entrepreneurs.  

It’s a bit like trying to shoe-horn ourselves into something that doesn’t quite fit.

So, you need the right business model that suits your lifestyle and commitments AND a sales and marketing funnel that fits your business type (not an off the shelf one – because believe me, one size DOESN’T fit all).

If you get this wrong, it will show up in things like not getting enough customers or being totally overwhelmed by the pressure your business places on you – or a little bit of both!

So, what you need to tap into that Business Alchemy is:

  • Online Marketing Systems and Funnels that MATCH your Business TYPE – and there are as many Sales Funnels as there are business types! – getting this wrong means you won’t be attracting the number of customers you need, and you’ll be constantly hustling for new customers.  When you get it right, you’ll create a steady stream of customers contacting YOU on autopilot.
  • Automation, Elimination and Delegation are the three keys to managing your business and making your life a lot easier.  When you get this wrong, even if you have employees, you’ll be constantly firefighting and micro-managing, leaving you totally exhausted.  Get it right and you’ll have a smooth-running business cash machine.
  • The Ability of Flexible working – many of us are still relied upon as carers … children, partners or our parents. So, if you get this wrong and have a business that doesn’t allow for flexibility of working – well, you could end up losing the business altogether.   Building in systems of support and using the Automation, Elimination and Delegation is crucial and it will allow you to have flexibility and a business that works for you and your lifestyle.

It’s all about us working SMARTER not HARDER – wouldn’t you agree?

So, in summary:  You need a business model that adapts to your lifestyle and commitments, AND a sales and marketing funnel that is the right FIT for your type of business.  When these two things combine – you start to create that business alchemy that I’m talking about.

#5 Taking the Leap of Faith

I’ve found that in business to get things done you have to balance time vs money.   

If you won’t commit the money to make something happen, you must spend your time.    And I get that. There were times in my business past where I deliberately played small and didn’t commit to investing in the growth of some of my businesses.    

But the truth is, I know from personal experience and watching other entrepreneurs fall into the same trap, that the DIY-Route is by far the slowest route to go (and it’s a fool’s game), because it’s the more expensive and sometimes most painful choice you can make – going it alone and trying to figure it out yourself just prolongs the pain and agony of not having a business that works.

When I finally realised this fact (and believe me it took many painful years to realise this), I truly committed to investing in the growth of my business and myself – and it was like a rocket being launched.  

I’m not kidding you, my income increased by 1,000% … yes, you heard that correctly.  

You see, I’d spent years trying to figure things out for myself.  All those endless eBooks, the numerous online information courses, searching on Google and social media groups for answers and watching videos on YouTube!

I believed that I should have all the answers as the business owner - yeah, it’s that pride and ego talking again.  It’s also embarrassing, isn’t it, when your friends, family and peer group ask you how your business is doing, and you give that stock PR answer of “Yeah, it’s great and everything’s FINE” and secretly you feel so vulnerable … and you know what FINE stands for (Frustration, Ignored, Neurotic and Emotional!).  Yes…. THAT.

The truth is to change the outcome and the results you’ve got to this point in your business, you need to first change your mindset (with new beliefs about what is possible and have another point of view on the quality of your ideas) You then need to take massive intelligent action towards these goals (having someone to keep you accountable and not stray off the track with shiny things is so important for entrepreneurs).   And that gets you that new outcome that you’re wanting to create.

Did you know that The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone? And if you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to, you will increase your chance of success by up to 95%.  

That’s the importance of mentoring and accountability.  

So, don’t go it alone.  Find the best strategic advisor out there out there to help you achieve your business goals and spend what it takes to work with them.

Doesn’t that make sense?

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