Ebay Seller to 80% Increase In Sales … In 12 Weeks!

Holy Moly! This transformation was incredible.

Our clients Angela and Jennet were transitioning into self-employment.

They were trying to hold down full-time jobs AND build a business selling designer clothes and accessories online.

Selling their products on eBay, with a poor brand presence and website, they were really struggling to make sales consistently.

Now, this is a highly competitive market and one that is rife with ‘knock-off’ goods, so building trust for consumers is essential if you’re going to survive in this market.

They came to use exhausted and not knowing what to do to increase their sales.

And, when I spoke to them both, they explained that they were fed up ‘playing’ at business and wanted to really step up their game and compete at a higher level than ever before.

I explained to Angela and Jennet that the reason for their lack of consistent sales was because consumers needed to 'know, like and trust' their brand.

Not only was Angela and Jennet in a highly competitive market online, they were competing with dodgy traders with counterfeit goods.

To compete successfully, they needed to elevate their brand significantly and really understand their ideal, target audience in order to reach them smoothly and cost-effectively.

The thing is, Angela and Jennet were selling the ‘real deal’ in terms of designer fashion and accessories at competitive prices.  They also had high levels of integrity and loved fashion.

When they told us this, we realized that that they were onto something big.  They couldn’t believe it when I told them:

“If we can help elevate your brand to build trust and competence in your market place – whilst at the same time identifying EXACTLY what items your ideal customers will buy … we can definitely help you dramatically increase your levels of income in a matter of weeks.”

Needless to say, both Angela and Jennet were skeptical.

Yet, despite that, they both trusted the process and went to work.   They worked hard to apply our system.  They juggled their day jobs and personal lives to make this happen.

They learnt about EXACTLY who their ideal customers are.

They re-positioned their brand identity to build greater trust in their business and products.

Because of this, they were able to create a brand-new website, with new product structures aimed specifically at their ideal customers.

Their confidence in business increased.

They took on a PHD equivalent in ‘real life’ business practice.  And …

They increased their sales by between 70-80% in just 12 weeks.

No huge advertising budgets.  No fancy sales funnels.

By themselves.  With our guidance and support.

80% increase in CONSISTENT sales.  In just 12 weeks.

That’s what happens when you really get to know your ideal customers.

That’s what happens when you position your business and brand correctly.

That’s what happens when you utilize one of the best uplevelling and alignment system in the world.

And, that’s what happens when you have the Business Alchemy team in your corner.

If Angela and Jennet can take an almost unknown business, selling a few items on eBay, and in just 12 weeks get consistent sales at up to 80% more than they had previously, is there any reason why YOU can’t increase your sales with whatever you’re offering?

The truth.  I’m not sure.  I don’t know you personally, yet.

But there’s one way to find out:

Book a call with me or my team here:   https://heathergifford.com/apply/

We’ll put our heads together for about 45 minutes or so.   You can tell us all about your business, and what you really want to achieve.

Together, we’ll help you figure out what you should be doing, how to attract our ideal customers … even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.

You know, we have a lot of competitors.  Lots of copycats, too.

But if any of them can take an unknown business, selling designer fashions, sporadically on eBay and build them a proper brand and online business in just 12 weeks … bring it on!

Only the Business Alchemy programme can do that.

Book a call here.  Let’s see what we can do for you.

P.S.  Angela and Jennet are going from strength to strength.  On top of their initial amazing results, they’re looking to implement the full sales funnels we taught them and over the next 12 months increase their income, so they have an option of quitting their day jobs (their choice entirely).  And, you know what?  Their journey to this acceleration of growth all started when they booked the same call that I’m inviting you to book.  If they hadn’t made that appointment, that one decision would have kept them playing small and lengthened the time of building their business to years, rather than weeks.   There’s no pressure – book a call now and let’s see how far we can take your business.