From Unknown Etsy Trader to 6X Monthly Income … In Just 12 Weeks!

This blew my mind!

Our client Laura is a jewellery maker.

Nothing unusual about that.

Before we met, she was making hundreds of pieces of jewellery, posting them for sale on an Etsy site.

And making NO MONEY.

She came to us exhausted and frustrated, having tried everything to increase her online sales.

And, when I spoke to her, she told me it was make or break time.  She really needed to get this business working for her and her family … and fast.

I explained to Laura that her biggest restriction to growth was that she was a ‘hidden business’.

Not only was Laura in a highly competitive market online, she was relying on a ‘third party’ website (Etsy) to drive traffic to thousands of other competing businesses in the same space, and because of this her business identity was totally lost in all the online ‘noise’.

The thing is, Laura wasn’t just making any type of jewellery, she lovingly creates pieces that are made from healing crystals and infused with essential oils for different ailments.

When Laura told us this, we realised that she had something great.  She almost fell out of her chair when we told her:

“We think you can build a powerful business brand and attract your ideal customers AND increase your sales dramatically … all within just 12 weeks.”

Needless to say, Laura was skeptical.

Yet, despite that, she went to work.   She applied our system.  She immediately started increasing her sales and building a business of her own.

She started aligning her products with her ideal customers.

She was introduced to her powerful business brand identity.

Because of this, she was able to create and new online brand, new product collections, which all resonated with her ideal customers.

Her confidence levels in herself, her products and her business increased dramatically, with mindset support.

A new website was built for her, that positioned her as a ‘serious’ online business – not just a ‘hobby business’.


She increased her monthly income by SIX times her previous income in November.

By herself.

No big team.

No massive marketing budgets.

By herself.

One woman.  Twelve weeks.  Six times her income.

That’s what happens when you properly get to know your ideal customers.

That’s what happens when you understand your powerful ‘brand guardian’, and an up-levelling and alignment system that works in every sector and every market.

That’s what happens when you have the Business Alchemy team in your corner.

And, if Laura can do this in just 12 weeks, is there any reason why YOU can’t do it with whatever you’re offering?

The truth.  I’m not sure.  I don’t know you personally, yet.

But there’s one way to find out:

Book a call with me or my team here:

We’ll put our heads together for about 45 minutes or so.   You can tell us all about your business, and what you really want to achieve.

Together, we’ll help you figure out what you should be doing, how to attract our ideal customers … even if you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked.

You know, we have a lot of competitors.  Lots of copycats, too.

But if any of them can take a woman who sells jewellery and get her bringing in six times her income in less than 12 weeks, I’ll eat my keyboard!

Only the Business Alchemy programme can do that.

Book a call here.  Let’s see what we can do for you.

P.S.  Laura is now being approached for wholesale orders and is looking to dramatically grow her business and employ staff in the next 12 months.  And, you know what?  Her journey to this acceleration of growth all started when she booked the same call that I’m inviting you to book.  If she hadn’t made that appointment, that one decision would have cost her, her business.   There’s no pressure – book a call now and let’s see how far we can take your business.