Meet The ‘Guardian’ Of Your Business & Brand

So, I want you to bear with me on this one as it’s quite a long post, so grab a cuppa and settle back…


What if I told you there was a ‘guardian’ behind your business; would you believe me?


It’s okay if you don’t because I didn’t really believe this stuff up until about 3 years ago.


What started out as diving deeper with a hypnosis visualization to uncover aspects of customer psyche has developed into something quite incredible, that even I have difficulty describing.


Well, sometimes I do describe it as ‘Bonkers’.  Because to my logical mind, it is.  I can’t explain it.


But as I often say to clients, I don’t know how electricity works either …but I just trust it and switch it on.


And yet, it appears I’ve been given a gift.   A very powerful gift and one that I was reluctant to admit to if I’m truthful.


I help owners of Product and Service Businesses connect with their individual mission and purpose on this planet so that they can truly express this powerfully in all their sales and marketing to reach their ideal customers and accelerate their business growth and sales.


Bottom line? I can connect business owners to the power and energy BEHIND their business. I introduce them to their business ‘guardian’, personality, voice …or an ID-entity as I fondly call it.


Scam.  No.


Difficult to describe. Yes.


Bonkers.  Maybe.


All I know is that two worlds collided for me, and the result has been something quite incredible and spectacular.  Those two worlds were Business and Spirituality.


Not your usual bedfellows, I admit.


I’d lived for almost 30 years with them, both very separately in my life.


Multi-passionate entrepreneur and marketer, alongside being a trained holistic therapist, hypnotist, bodyworker and spiritualist.


I never really understood why I had two sides of a coin in my life until they powerfully came together and created an ‘alchemy’.


I named it the Persona Marketing Method.


It all started with a hypnosis session where I helped clients unlock their subconscious mind to tap into the hidden knowledge and dive deep into the psyches of their ideal customers.


Yep, believe it or not, you know far more about your customers than your conscious mind is letting on and I can prove it.


Because as I perfected this technique, I began incorporating more visualisations, customer remote viewing …well, the results were amazing.


Clients started describing how they were meeting and attracting these ‘virtual’ ideal customers in real life.  They were attracting them to them because they were able to connect at such a deep level and communicate to these customers in all their sales and marketing.


Business owners started seeing huge spikes in sales (70-80% increases), one client 6x her income, another client attracted 102 new customers in 4 weeks.  And although these results weren’t typical, everyone who went through this process felt more connected to their customers and increased their sales in the process (both online and bricks and mortar businesses).


Then one day, something quite strange happened …


I felt the urge to go on a customer journey with the client and dive a bit deeper.


And so when we were both in a relaxed trance state, I asked them about their business.


My first question was, “If your business was masculine or feminine energy …what would it be?”


To my astonishment, the client started talking about their business as if they were a person, or more specifically, an entity.

They were personifying their business, so clear that it was being called forth in their mind’s eye in a form that could be asked, and answer questions.


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking “OMG, she’s lost it!” or “It’s just their imagination.”


But here’s the thing.  I didn’t judge it …or me… or the client.  I just went with it and trusted the process.


The more I got the client to ask the ‘entity’ questions, the more it replied, giving powerful messages to the owner about what they should be doing with their business and why it was so important, what their business should look like, the colours it should use, the values, the beliefs …. all in vivid detail.


Wow!  Okay, I wasn’t expecting that!


This wasn’t me leading or offering suggestions.   I simply asked the client to describe what was coming through to them and what they were being told.


Thank goodness that my colleague Kath, a brand strategist was on the call because it’s sometimes difficult to remember all the vivid details and information which is being channelled through to the business owner on these sessions.


An hour in trance felt like a journey into the unknown where time stood still.


When we came back from the trance, I think the client looked as stunned as I was.


They described with surprise, emotion, slight shock and delight at how much it all made sense.  It gave them a sense of peace, certainty and confidence in what they were doing.


That was the start of what we now call the Brand Persona Workshop.


From the information the client received on that first session, we were able to help them translate it into a powerful brand, align their website and dial in all their marketing strategy and customer communication.

More clients were invited to attend the very powerful Brand Persona Workshops …


Now, hearing and seeing this information is one thing, taking action and putting into practice with your business, brand and marketing is something else altogether …and that’s where my team and I support clients to implement the changes they’re being guided to make in their businesses.


Working with Kath, our brand strategist, the clients are able to have new, more aligned websites created;  They can power-up their visual presence online with new photography.   Their social media became stronger.   They know where their ideal customers hang out online and offline so they don’t have to search high and low to find them.  They have insight into what their customers REALLY want to buy and WHY.


We then show clients a simple, yet very powerful copywriting method to communicate with their ideal customers, detailing what they’d discovered about their customers on the Persona Workshop.  Their businesses became stronger due to more powerful marketing, communication, and the uniqueness of their brand (and the entity that brings the power and purpose behind it).


More than that, the business owner doesn’t feel alone anymore, their confidence levels grow stronger and so does their self-esteem.  And, if you’re in business, you know that it can be lonely at the top (or any level for that matter).


Now, this is a very personal process for everyone who goes through it.  It’s unique and extremely powerful.


So far, we’ve had businesses personify as entities, energy (colours, light and sound), dogs, trees, rocks, historical figures and relatives that have passed into spirit.


Whatever comes through we don’t judge;  We hold space for it and the messages it brings to the business owner and the brand personality that wants to come through and express itself on this planet.


One client told us that she’d gone away and researched her Brand Persona and was shocked when she discovered the entity was aligned to certain symbols …the same symbols she had tattooed onto her body 12 months before, without knowing what they meant.


Another client, who owns a high-end wedding cake company, channelled a Saville Row Tailor ‘entity’ that is very precise, almost architectural in approach, and wanted her to utilise her skills to design incredible structural cakes for brides.   She was really surprised because she wasn’t expecting her business to personify as a masculine entity.  He was able to give her guidance and support of what she needed to do in her business and vividly show her what to expect and the cakes she would design and make.


Someone else broke through two decades of deep grief after losing her mother in tragic circumstances and channelled an entity that she’d known as a little girl and totally forgotten.  This brought her immense relief, comfort and certainty about what she was doing with her business and hope for her future.


These probably don’t mean anything to you, but to these business owners, it brought them more clarity, confidence, hope, certainty and peace of mind.


And for their businesses, the results were equally incredible.


Powerful brands created and driven forward BY THE BUSINESS OWNER themselves (how empowering is that).  A distinctiveness in their branding (as unique as their DNA or fingerprint), which allows them to show up authentically, and stand out from the crowd of samey businesses in the same sector, in true confidence, understanding their WHY and what they have to offer the world.


I feel deeply honoured and blessed to do this work.


It’s not mainstream branding and marketing.  The mainstream business owners won’t get it …


And that’s okay. I don’t care that they don’t understand, it’s not right for them (and I believe that I’m brought the right people at the right time, for the right reason) …


What I do care strongly about is the beautiful business owners I help to feel stronger, more certain, more passionate and on purpose in business.


I care about them owning stronger businesses that stand the test of time, attracting their ideal customers, making them more money and allowing them to have more fun doing it.


All I know is that when you want to TRULY connect with your customers and business, it’s never logical  – It’s a creative, heart centred, imaginative process that allows you to dive deep into understanding your customer’s motivations, their wants and needs.  And then diving even deeper to understand your business purpose on this planet.


This powerful process that I’ve been gifted, gives business owners a sense of hope in what they do;  peace-of-mind for them and clarity in their sales and marketing.


In a crazy, crazy, changing world … this ‘bonkers’ method is ironically restoring certainty, direction and empowerment to business owners who want to connect at a deeper level with their business, their customers and themselves.


If you want to listen to some of our clients talk about their experience of the powerful Persona Marketing Method then CLICK HERE  to view their videos.